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Focus Vertical

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Focus Vertical

IMCC has identified 4 verticals which are the major contributors of Bilateral Trade and Investment. We have committees in IMCC for on these verticals.

Energy & Infrastructure

Historically Myanmar had a lowest energy consumption per capita in Asia, in last 5 years there is an high demand & have attracted huge foreign investment in this sector

Energy & Infrastructure

Myanmar is largely dependent on agriculture, more than 75% of its population is directly or indirectly connected to this industry..

IT, Education & Other Services

As Myanmar is one of the emerging economies in the world, to compete with other growing economies its vital to catch up with the latest technology in the country. Technology has become a back bone of development in this era, as a nation Myanmar is at the stage.

Pharma & Healthcare

Myanmar's pharma industry is developing only few pharmaceutical manufacturing units are there in the country, the health care industry is fastest growing and high potential sectors that needs reform extension & improvement.