Q1 . Why should you Join IMCC?

Ans :

+ Regular Knowledge sharing sessions are held on current business & trade topics to help you better understand the issues and set of experts provide solutions held at the Indian Embassy Yangon Myanmar.

+ We hold networking events with other chambers in Yangon to widen your connections.

+ We are partners with UMFCCI and can leverage data bases for all industries available with UMFCCI to share with IMCC members.

+ Since IMCC has the support from Indian Embassy, IMCC members get to meet any dignitary or Minister coming from India and from time-to-time interaction with key ministers in Nay Pyi Daw.

+ IMCC helps take-up industry-specific issues with relevant ministries in Nay Pyi Daw.

+ Organizing exhibitions and conferences.


Q2 . What documents are required for membership?

Ans :

+ ID Proof

+ Proof of company registration in Myanmar/India

+ Director/Designation

+ Shareholders list

+ Fees to the bank account of IMCC to be transferred.

+ After documentation member should email the details to [email protected]